1. In Review; 40w Lightwell 600x600mm LED Panel Light

    We review the awesome 40w Lightwell 600x600mm LED Panel Light available now here on Lightrabbit... 

    Overall - an amazing LED panel light suitable for office ceilings and recessed, suspended ceilings and fits 600x600mm voids when purchased with a suspended ceiling kit. Frame is White. More info to follow...

  2. LED Kitchen Lighting

    LED Kitchen Lighting

    The kitchen has long been the heart of many homes; we prepare meals there, some people eat there, we congregate and share news of the day there, an...

  3. LED Bathroom Lighting

    LED Bathroom Lighting

    Your bathroom is just the place where you do your business, wash your hands, take your shower, and make sure all your bits are cared for properly. You get in, get out and move on with your day. Sadly, the bathroom, aside from the hall closet, is one of the most overlooked and underutilised rooms in your...

  4. LED Living Room Lighting

    LED Living Room Lighting

    Your home is where you truly LIVE, and the living room of your house is where life happens; kids playing, family movie night, marathons of your fav...

  5. LED Bedroom Lighting

    LED Bedroom Lighting

    When people hear about LEDs they typically consider the commercial use of them in stores, office buildings, and warehouses, but few people think ...

  6. LED Innovation

    LED Innovation

    The Lightwell LightBar is a new state-of-the-art system for illuminating kitchen cabinets, displays and furnishings...

  7. LED Garden Lighting

    LED Garden Lighting

    Did you know that converting to LED bulbs can save you up to 90% of your electricity usage? When it comes to garden lighting the same rule applies, ...

  8. LED Panel Lighting

    LED Panel Lighting

    You probably spend a significant amount of your monthly electricity bill on lighting in the office or industrial workspace. In order to ensure the environment has optimal working conditions, you need to keep the lights on...

  9. LED Flood Lighting

    LED Flood Lighting

    Floodlights are ideal for enhancing the security of your home and making it look more welcoming when you arrive back after dark. The good news is ...

  10. LED Filament

    LED Filament

    Great lighting doesn’t just make it easier to see things; it also makes your environments a lot more inviting and cosier. The light in your environment, along...

  11. LED Workshop Lighting

    LED Workshop Lighting

    Light Bulb Moment: Switch to LEDs in your Workshop

    LEDs in your Workshop

    Your garage and workshop lights work hard to offer you light so you can work hard as well. Not only do they provide essential light in these dark rooms, they also contribute to your safety while you are working away. Today LED technology has reached a point where it is highly suitable for functional indoor use, using a fraction of the power required by old halogen and CFL lights.

    Garages and workshops may have their lights running for hours on end; all day and into the long dark hours of the night to finish projects. Now LED technology has progressed to the point where you can be

  12. LED Warehouse Lighting

    LED Warehouse Lighting

    Taking Stock of LEDs for Warehouse Lighting

    LEDs for Warehouse Lighting

      Shop all high bay lighting >  

    The cost of running warehouse lighting is extremely high, as are

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