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You’re a UK homeowner or tenant and you are one of the fortunate ones who’ve discovered the wonders of the LED lighting fixture. So, you’ve installed downlights in your kitchen, chandeliers in your living room, and sconces in your hallways. You’ve seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of your monthly power bill, and you couldn’t be happier with how bright and clear your new LED lights are.

However, you do have one complaint – sometimes you’d just like to dim the lights a little to add elegance, warmth, or just enough darkness to a room to see a good movie properly. So what can you do to your current LED lighting fixtures so that you can change the intensity of the bright white LED light? You can purchase and install an LED dimmer switch.

View our range of LED compatible dimmer switchesView our range of LED compatible dimmer switches

LightRabbit is the UK’s #1 supplier of LED dimmer switches to customers in England and Ireland. There are several different types of dimmer switches available:

Smooth Control – this dimmer switch option provides the smoothest transitions from bright light to just the right amount of dark.

IR LED Dimmer with Remote – this LED dimmer switch can be used with a remote. That means that when the mood strikes, you don’t have to get up to dim the lights.

Gangway (1 to 2 switches) – with this dimmer switch you can have flicker free dimming that can dim 1 to 2 different fixtures depending on the switch you install.

And they are available in: white and brushed metal finishes so that you can match the dimmer switch with your décor. The beauty of many of our LED dimmer switches is that when combined with the right LED lighting fixture and bulb, you can completely do away with the dreaded dimmer flicker.


Some dimmable LED bulbs to chose from

60 SMD GU10 LED Spotlight

60 SMD Glass Covered - 4.5W GU10

Superior COB™ - 6 Watt GU10 COB LED Spotlight

Superior COB™ - 6W GU10 LED

5w E27 Filament LED

5w E27 Filament LED

5w B22 Silverline Golf LED

5w B22 Silverline Golf LED


Before you buy and attempt to install your dimmer switch make sure that the LED lighting fixture and bulb you’re hoping to dim are compatible with a dimmer. There are some LED lights that cannot be dimmed. Check and recheck so you don’t waste your time and money.

To learn more about LED dimmer switches and their compatible bulbs and fixtures, contact your LED lighting experts at LightRabbit contact us page.

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