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  • 40W
Product Code: GU10/LUX

Lightwell LUX™ - 4 Watt GU10 LED Bulb - only £2.79+VAT Each!

  • 40W replacement
  • Medium Beam Angle
$ 4.08 inc. VAT $3.40 ex. VAT

90% energy saving
30 year lifespan
5 Year Warranty
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365 Lm
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40W Replace
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No Dimmable
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90 day worry free returns!


  • Our lens covered LED bulb features 18 individual high quality 2835 SMD LEDs that emit a light output of 365 Lumens. They've been intelligently designed to considerably reduce energy consumption by up to 90% and are available in both Cool White and Warm White options.

    Warm White produces a gently glowing, calming white with a slightly yellowish tinge. For example, this kind of light is ideal for offices, classrooms, intimate settings like restaurants, or hospital wards.

    Cool White emits a brighter form of white – totally monochromatic – ideal for modern, minimalist interiors with clean lines or with stunning block of primary colours.

    Some customers purchase Cool White LED bulbs if they want the brightest light possible or if they want to achieve a modern look to a room. This particularly suits colour schemes that are bright and bold and use primary colours, or even colour schemes that are predominantly white where a clean minimal look is required.

    It’s also possible to use a mixture of bulbs in the same room on different switches to give the user different options on how they want the room to look. For example in a kitchen you may want Warm White bulbs in the ceiling for everyday use but also have under unit lighting in Cool White in order to give a very different effect at night once the main lights are off.

    In commercial lighting the majority of customers opt for Cool White bulbs. These give a brighter light but you should be careful to ensure that the colour temperature is not too high, or in practical terms the may seem very harsh or displeasing to the eye.

    With any dimmable bulb you must use a compatible dimmer module – that is, trailing edge modules. Click here to see our dimmer modules. Alternatively, contact our Customer Services team on 0203 327 2931.

    This eco-plastic 18 SMD GU10 bulb features a 60-degree beam angle; designed to output the widest beam angle available of any SMD bulb on the market today. This bulb will install into any GU10 socket with an input voltage of AC200-240V and is designed for any domestic, commercial or retail installations.

    Using only 10% of the energy when compared to the older style bulbs, they offer significant savings that consumers simply should not ignore in the long run. American and UK studies have shown that these lamps can save up to 90% of their runing costs during its lifetime.

    Lasting 50,000 hours compared to a halogen lamp which last 2000 hours, these bulbs pay for themselves within six months of installation. Homeowners and businesses can now go years without the hassle of having to change bulbs. These LED equivalents feature shock and vibration resistant technology, there is no filament to ever fail, so they run at considerably cooler temperatures than standard filament bulbs.

    Due to recent advances in LED technology, household electrical consumption from lighting products is being greatly reduced when using LightRabbit® LED lighting. The 18 SMD - LUX GU10 LED bulb offers consumers a cost effective SMD lighting solution..

    Main Features:

    •  Features 18 individual high quality 2835 SMD LEDs, 60 degree beam angle
    •  Cost Effective Energy Savings within 6 months of installation
    •  No start-up delay or flickering, normal brightness when electrified
    •  30-year Average Lifespan (6-year Lifespan when left on 24/7)
    •  LED bulbs do not contain a filament that can easily be damaged
    •  Environmentally Friendly - LED bulbs contain no Glass or Mercury
    •  Consumes 10% of the energy used by traditional light bulbs.


     At LightRabbit®, we make sure each LED product is of the highest quality with rigorous quality checks. This is why all our products come with a five year full warranty to give you peace of mind.

    • In addition, we operate a 90-day no-quibble refund policy.

     To benefit from our bulk buy and save offers, see the relevant information in the pricing section.

     Please call one of our dedicated Customer Services team on 0203 327 2931 if you’re unsure of the kind of LED product you require to meet your specific needs.

    • For volume pricing and information on our trade account benefits, you can register here. Alternatively, ring 0203 327 2931


Tech Specs

Tech Specs
Lumens 365
Colour Temperature Cool White / Warm White
Type SMD2835
Base GU10
Average Life 50.000 Hours
Equivalent To 40W
Input Voltage AC200-240V
Dimensions Ø50x61mm
Array 4W
Beam angle 60°
Our products work with: Our products work with

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