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What is an LED bulb?
What is the life span of an LED?
When will I have to replace my LED bulb?
re LEDs high quality lighting?
Does the amount of light created lessen over the life of the bulb?
Are LED bulbs cost effective?
Are LEDs energy efficient?
Can LED bulbs be dimmed?
What are the features and benefits of LEDs?
Will my LED light turn on immediately or will it need to warm up first?
What is an SMD?
What SMD chips are used in LEDs?
What colour LED is best for use indoors?
Is a low voltage or a main circuit better for an LED?
Will LEDs save me money on my energy bill?
Do LED bulbs get really hot?
Can a GU10 LED bulb give me the same bright light as a halogen?
Are LEDs considered ‘green’?
Can LEDs grow plants indoors?
What does 3528 mean?
What does 5050 mean?
Does the ambient temperature of a room affect the function of LEDs?
Are LEDs made using harmful materials?
Will my LED come with a guarantee?
What is the GU5 LED?


What type of LED bulb do I need?
Do I need an LED compatible transformer and how do I know if it’s compatible?
Why isn't my dimmer switch working with my LED?
Do I need to replace my dimmer?
Why won’t my LED turn on?
Will my new LEDs work in my old fixtures?
Do the fittings need to be replaced to use the LEDs?
Can LEDs be used outdoors and what colour LED is best for use outdoors?
I have a 12 volt circuit, can I use an LED?
I want to put LEDs in my bathroom, what fittings should I use?
What is IP65?
What is IP67?
Do my fittings have to be fire rated?


When will my order be sent?
How does your UK Next Day Delivery service work?
How much does delivery cost?
Can I send parts of my order to different addresses?
What if I live outside the United Kingdom?
How do I track my order?
What should I do if my order hasn't been delivered yet?
What happens if I'm not in when my order arrives?